Bait Fishing Tenby

4 Hour Bait Fishing

Our 4 hour Bait fishing trips in Tenby are perfect for everyone.  Offering a wide range of fish to be caught.  This trip offers a real fishing experience, not knowing what species will be coming up next. 

We will show you how to bait up your hooks and how to remove the fish from the hooks.

You’re bound to come back ashore with the angler bug and be back for more.  Take home what you catch – perfect for the BBQ. (Species and size dependant)

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Deep sea fishing Tenby

Full Day Sea Fishing

Our full day Sea fishing trip in Tenby is exactly that. We can steam to fishing hotspots that can’t be reached on the 4hr session.  This trip is generally for the more enthusiastic angler, where you’re more likely to catch bigger fish and a wider variety of species.  We also cater for Angling Clubs, Species Leagues and other fishing competitions. Full days need to prior arranged so when you book, we will come back to you to discuss options.

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Deep sea fishing Tenby

Tope Fishing

Tope is a slim and yet powerful shark species which is highly prized by anglers for its fighting power and the prestige of catching a shark species.

The Tope Fishing runs from the mid May until mid July and is suitable for all.

You will head out to sea in the morning and spend the day hunting for the biggest Tope you can find. We’ll help you land your fish, measure it, have a picture and put it back in the water.

We can catch Tope just a few hundred metres out to sea but if the weather allows we have prime spots for finding them. Placing the bait into deep fast-running gullies where small fish are likely to congregate to offer the best chance of us catching. Tackle needs to be strong, as even a small tope will put up a great fight, especially if it can use the strength of the tide to its advantage. A Tope will often run and need to be given line so we teach you to set the clutch and drag correctly prior to beginning to fish for this species. Landing these fish is a real challenge.

Tope are a protected species. As such, we are proud to say we adhere to strict rules whilst fishing for them.

Circle hooks must be used and barbs must be crushed, we also discourage the use of wire but use 200lb mono to prevent any damage to the fish. They are returned to the water as quickly as possible.

Experience not essential. 

  • Maximum of 6 anglers per boat per day.
  • For larger bookings we can provide a second boat, allowing 12 anglers per day. 
  • Price is £85 a day per angler.

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Tuition provided

Rod hire included

Tackle and bait included

All ages welcome