Mackerel Fishing

On our Mackerel Fishing Trips we ‘Line-Catch’ our Mackerel, the traditional and most sustainable method of catching fish, using just a fishing rod and feathered lures. If you haven’t fished before this is the perfect trip for you. We provide full tuition and all fishing equipment. The crew will be right there ready to unhook your fish. Perfect for the family.

What to bring.

Warm Clothes

Waterproofs (just in case)

Hat, Suntan Lotion

Bag for your catch

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Rod hire included

Tackle and bait included

All ages welcome

What we do

After a 5 – 10 minute boat ride to a Local Fishing Hotspot, you will be guided and instructed on how to use the equipment provided.  We use Traditional Methods of boat fishing and use Feathered Lures to attract the Mackerel.

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Keep your catch

Whatever you Catch (species dependant) you are able to keep and you can ask any member of our crew to give you advice on how to prepare the fish for Cooking.  They may even have a favourite recipe to share with you.

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