When do I need to arrive for my trip?
You need arrive at our fishing hut in Castle Square at least 15 minutes before the departure time of the trip, as the boats are unable to wait for you.  
Is there parking available?
Parking is strictly limited around Tenby Harbour to Permit Holders only.  There is not any public parking and it is regulary patrolled throughout the summer by Parking Wardens.  Also, during the Summer Holidays, a large area inside the town wall is pedestrianised, therefore you are unable to drive to Castle Square where the Fishing Hut is located.  As such, it is essential, if you are travelling into Tenby to come fishing with us, that you allow enough time to park in one of the many public car parks outside the town wall and walk to the harbour.  It is a pleasant walk and we recommend you allow at least 10 minutes  walking time.
Do we guarantee you'll catch a fish?
95% of the time we catch a fish but this is called "Fishing" not "Catching".  So we are at the mercy of Poseidon.
Is it better when the tide is 'in' or 'out'?
We have different fishing grounds for different states of tide, so it makes little difference.
Are there toilets on the boats?
No, as we have relatively small boats and only a 90 minutes trip.  However, there are public toilets by our booking hut and we advise you to use those before you disembark.
Are Dogs permitted on the boats?
Yes, we are dog friendly.  Furry friends are welcome.
I don't want to fish but family does, can I still come?
Yes, you can come and enjoy the trip.  We charge per person on the boats, so whether you fish or not is entirely up to you.